Mushtaq Ali Talpur belongs to Shahwani branch of the Talpurs. He was born on 4th August at Karachi's 'Qasr e Naz' where his uncle late Mir Ghulam Ali Talpur then lived as a minister. His father, late Mir Ali Nawaz Talpur, was younger brother of Mir Ghulam Ali Talpur. Late Mir Ali Nawaz Talpur worked twice as a minister, once in the cabinet of Abdul Sattar Pirzada, and again in the West Pakistan cabinet of Nawab Muzaffar Qazalbash, until General Ayub Khan took over the reigns of the government. His distinguished father served both as a member of the Sindh Assembly as well as a member of the West Pakistan Assembly. His illustrious uncle late Mir Ghulam Ali Talpur served the people of Sindh and Pakistan as a member of the National Assembly of the united Pakistan, as a member of the Sindh Assembly and as a member of the West Pakistan Assembly. Mir Ghulam Ali also served the people as a minister in several federal cabinets with important portfolios like Interior, Education, Industries, etc. Besides, he was the only sitting Speaker of the Sindh Assembly to be arrested and imprisoned at Mithi (town) for refusing to admit motion on the infamous One Unit. 

Mushtaq Ali Talpur is married with the daughter of his uncle Mir Ghulam Ali Talpur. He has two daughters and one son, Mir Ali Nawaz Talpur, who was until recently member of the Provincial Assembly of Sindh from Tando Muhammad Khan as well as Advisor to the Sindh Chief Minister, for NGOs. Mir Ali Nawaz Talpur was born on 4th March 1971 at Karachi. He is married to daughter of Mir Mumtaz Ali Talpur and has a son, Alizar Talpur, born on 12th January 2001 at Karachi. 

Mushtaq Ali Talpur spends his time between Karachi and Tando Muhammad Khan. To relieve the people of Sindh from the abuse of feudals, who, according to him, misuse their haris (peasants), he courted arrest at Hyderabad during MRD (Movement for Restoration of Democracy) on 16th August 1983 and remained at Hyderabad Central Jail and at Khairpur Central Jail during Zia's military rule, until his release on 22nd January 1984. According to him, “due to no recognition nor respect in PPP (Pakistan People's Party)”, he left the party and continued with Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi, with whom he is still politically affiliated. Though not very active yet he remains a member National People’s Party (NPP) Central Committee and is the Senior Vice President of his party in Sindh. 

Among his hobbies he loves wild life, is committed to the preservation of environment and interested in antiques. He loves traveling and socializing. He is member of the Caledonian Society of Karachi, member of the Sindh Club, member of Rotary club of Karachi Continental since 1994, and also a charter member of the first ever in Pakistan, the Kiwanis club of Karachi. His social works are commendable. He has served as President of the Rotary Club of Karachi Continental during 2000-2001. He used to arrange free eye camps for the poor people of rural Tando Muhammad Khan regularly. It then became a club project to provide free eye surgeries to the rural poor people from Tando Muhammad Khan area, every year. During his tenure he got a matching grant of US$ 32000 for his club's main project the ''BURN UNIT'' at National Institute of Child Health, Karachi. In 2002, he was Co-Chairman of World Community Services Committee of R. I. Dist 3270. 

He twice represented Pakistan in the United Nations General Assembly sessions during 1994 and 1995 at New York. He is widely traveled, computer literate and a graduate of the Sindh University. He has studied at Holy Trinity School Karachi, Government School Tando Muhammad Khan, St Bonaventure’s High School, Hyderabad and Government College, Hyderabad Sindh.


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