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Besides my profession it's also my hobby to improve from old cultivating methods into new and modern mechanised farming. Have changed from traditional crops to water resistance and highyield cash crops like Orchards of Mangoes,Guayavas,Papyas. Experimenting on Pecon nuts ,Avocados,Olives,Lychees and top grade seedless Grapes.


Though not a hunter yet an avid conservationist. Belive in conservation and preservation of wildlife. Looking for invester to invest in Fencing and landscaping of my one hundred acers for developing wildlife Safari Park.
Love, admire, value,and collect all sort of antique stuff from metal to stone to wood and paper.


Won't be an understatement if interest in travelling is to the point of craze. Honestly in the intial years used to be scared of air travel but later on started enjoying it. Have widely travelled in Eastern and Western Europe, Scandinavia,North America, part of Africa,Middleast,The Philippines, Japan. Having been enduced by my leader and family friend Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi I developed liking for high-seas Crusing. Have taken two Mediterranian Cruises on RCCI Cruise liners "Navigator of the Seas" and Adventure of the Seas.


Love Classical and Country Music. Special liking for Scottish country dancing.

Reading: Love Reading Books specially on Biographies, History, Geography, Wild Life etc. Have myself written few articles on my Foreign Travels having met personalities like "Roy Weatherby"




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